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Group of Companies AUDIT-INVEST has been on the market of accounting and auditing services for more than 20 years. During this time we have assembled a team of professionals for whom everything is possible. What can we offer you? One of the most popular services is accounting outsourcing, which we provide to enterprises and organizations that have unprofitable accounting and other non-profitable business processes. What is the advantage of using this service? By attracting a professional from outside and conducting an expert evaluation of your business, you can competently optimize your expenses in a relatively short period of time, as well as increase your profit level. Of course, such a concept as “outsourcing” is not familiar to everyone, because it came to us relatively recently, while in Europe it has been used for a long time already, and many owners of this or that business were convinced of the effectiveness and efficiency of this process. Provision of accounting services by our audit company will bring you and your business to a new economic level, and you will be able to continue to develop successfully and dynamically.

Why you should choose us? As already mentioned, the most important thing we have is knowledge and experience. There are too many companies that provide outsourcing serices, despite the fact that this direction is relatively new and in our country has not reached a high level of popularity. Therefore, there is always the danger of encountering one-time agencies, so-called “one-day firms”, who do not possess the skills and professionalism that are needed in this matter. What advantages do you get from cooperation with us:

  • affordable prices for services – the cost of the work performed depends on many factors, but always remains within reasonable limits
  • saving on expenses – you do not need to maintain your accounting department, which means paying salaries, bonuses, vacation and sick leave
  • always available accounting and legal advice and help professionals

If you wish, you can always get acquainted with our tariffs and pricing – the price is always at your service on our official website. We cooperate with organizations and enterprises of Kyiv and Dnipro and many of our clients have experienced first-hand the effectiveness and success of this kind of cooperation.

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