IFRS Transformation

Objectives of the audit:

  • providing financial reporting to the National Securities and Stock Market Commission under international standards
  • providing shareholders with reliable and transparent information
  • attraction of new investors

Verification of the preparation of financial statements required by external users to make economic decisions.

Tax audit

Objectives of the audit:

  • preparation for tax audit
  • avoidance of additional charges of taxes, fines and penalties
  • tax planning: the choice of the optimal taxation system

Verification of the correctness and completeness of the calculation and payment of taxes, the identification of risk zones, the prevention of penalties

Initiative audit

Objectives of the audit:

  • change of officials: director, chief accountant
  • confirmation of the correctness of accounting and tax accounting
  • doubts in the qualification of the accountant

It is carried out on the initiative of the organization's management. Covers any period of the company's activities, all sections of accounting or its individual sections

Mandatory audit

Objectives of the audit:

  • audit for the National Securities Commission, National Commissariat of Finance, etc.

Annual mandatory audit of accounting and financial reporting to confirm its completeness and reliability

Review of financial statements

Objectives of the audit:

  • confirmation of interim financial statements

It differs from the audit by the volume and the set of procedures used by the auditor, which ensures a high speed of service execution and a lower cost

Due Diligence

Objectives of the audit:

  • buying or selling a company
  • mergers or acquisitions of the company
  • поиск инвестора

A thorough financial, legal, tax examination of the facility, displaying detailed and structured information

Other types of audit
  • audit of payroll calculations
  • audit of cash transactions
  • audit of operations with bank accounts
  • audit of settlements with suppliers and contractors
  • audit of inventories recorded in financial statements
  • auditing of the manufacturer of cosmetics
  • audit of operations on a foreign currency account
  • audit of the balance sheet
  • audit of accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • audit of funds
  • audit of settlements with founders
  • balance sheet audit
  • audit of fixed assets
  • audit for commercial banks and insurance organizations
  • audit of restaurant business
  • compulsory audit of joint-stock companies
  • mandatory audit of public joint-stock companies
  • obligatory audit of private joint-stock companies
  • obligatory audit of non-commercial organizations
  • compulsory audit of funds
  • obligatory audit of unitary enterprises

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505 perfect audits by the state fiscal service
and other controlling bodies

Our certificates

Benefits to work with us


Successfully passed the quality control of the Audit Chamber of Ukraine, 505+ irreproachably passed inspections of controlling bodies


15+ years of perfect service, 320+ satisfied customers, 7 certified auditors, 2 tax advisers and 65+ specialists

Personal approach

We provide you with 2 options for conducting an audit: you can order a full audit or only some parts of it


For 1 000 000 UAH. professional responsibility is insured in IC "ASKA"


Work on each project takes place in full confidentiality and with the observance of audit ethics

Expert opinion

Specialists of Audit-Invest are aware of all the innovations! We are the permanent speakers of specialized events, international forums and seminars

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Our clients from 17 countries of the world

United Kingdom

Your benefit from audit

  • An independent audit provides
  • confidence in the actions of its employees
  • of accountant service
  • Due to the audit report you receive
  • opportunity to improve your own
  • accounting and tax accounting system
  • Ability to minimize tax risks
  • and prevent accounting errors
  • Getting full and clear information
  • about financial condition of the enterprise
  • Attracting new investments for further
  • business development
  • Possibility to increase control of management accounting
  • The manifestation of the objective value of wealth
  • Audit reduces the likelihood of an enterprise loss
  • Audit of the enterprise allows you to protect your business from losses and unreasonable expenses
  • Optimizing costs allows you to free up
  • additional funds for the development of your business
  • Internal audit allows you to improve
  • a personnel model of the enterprise
  • Initiative audit helps to avoid taxation of
  • fines and penalties
  • Regular audits improve the quality of
  • accounting, control and efficiency
  • tasks
  • The audit allows the company to increase
  • quality control and boldly pass a tax audit
  • You will be sure that the documentation of your company for the reporting periods is prepared correctly and your employees did not make mistakes

Our team
Olha Yelchenko
Managing partner
Certified auditor – certificate А № 000721 from January 25, 1996 valid until January 25, 2020, entitled to conduct audit of companies and economic companies. АССА DipIFR (UK). Dip ICFM (UK).
+38056 745 12 88
Yevheniia Abrosymova
Director of Kyiv branch. Partner in transfer pricing
Certified auditor – certificate № 007303 from December 24, 2015 valid until December 24, 2020. DipIFR ICFM (UK). Member of Association of Tax Advisors Practical experience of management accounting and budgeting setup, investment projects and product launches evaluation, business-plans creation, automation for international companies of more than 9 years.
+38044 338 12 88
Lyudmila Khimich
Director. Head of Audit and Consulting Department. Responsible for internal quality control
Certified auditor – certificate А № 006603 from July 02, 2009 valid until July 02, 2019. Certified accountant expert, CAP certificate. Member of Audit Chamber of Ukraine. АССА DipIFR (UK).
+38056 732 40 10
Ekaterina Vasilenko
Head of accounting services department
Certified auditor – certificate А № 007036, decision № 355/2 from 22.02.2018., validity to 29.04.2023. DipIFR ICFM (UK). Member of Audit Chamber of Ukraine. Practical experience of being a chief accountant of large companies of more than 15 years .
+38056 732 40 09
Julia Egorova
Head of transfer pricing department
Certified auditor – certificate № 0007364 from July 28, 2016 valid until July 28, 2021.
+38050 362 29 36
Elena Eremenko
Certified auditor - certificate number 007542 dated January 25, 2018, valid until January 25, 2023. Certified Accountant-Practitioner, CAP Certificate. More than 8 years of management and control of accounting and tax accounting of more than 30 business entities in textile, wholesale and retail trade, Internet commerce and information technologies, including permanent representation of a non-resident.
+38056 745 12 88
Alla Martynenko
Certified auditor – certificate №007791 dated 26.06.2018, valid until 26.06.2023.
+38056 745 12 88
6 simple steps for making a successful choice of audit company

Pay attention to accreditation and certificates

According to the Law of Ukraine, the auditing firm has the right to conduct business if it has a minimum with 3 certified auditors and 2 specialists with international certification

Pay attention to the customer portfolio

What is the number? Is it small or average business?
Is there company of the same activity?
All this says about experience of specialists and about the tasks they can make

Pay attention to the speed of communication

Ask questions about the process and conditions of the audit. Give the initial information and ask for a quotation. If the company delays preparation at the stage of offering services, this is a sure sign that there will be delays in communications during the service process.

Ask the quantitative and qualitative staff

The number of employees indicates whether there will be an opportunity to devote enough time to your company. The number of certified auditors indicates the qualitative structure of the staff

Verify the authenticity of reviews and recommendations

Ask for contacts of clients with whom the firm has already worked, and communicate with them personally.

Discuss responsibility and sign a contract

Sound all your wishes, discuss the cost of service. Carefully study the contract for liability, which is borne by the auditing company. Remember that in the audit firm liability must be insured for a minimum of 1 000 000 UAH.

Find out the cost of audit for your company.

Fill in the brief


Will you support our company during the tax audit?
We are confident in the quality of our projects. If you want to insure yourself and pass security checks safely, you can order our support.
If we get a fine for your fault, what will happen?
16+ years of work experience of our company, 2 tax advisers, 7 certified auditors, lawyer and 65+ specialists - all they make it impossible. If you still have doubts, we are responsible for all our projects.
What kind of expert will work with our company?
Our specialists have the highest qualifications, are certified by AAP, and have many years of experience in various industries.
How will you interact with our employees?
Interaction with your employees will be limited to the first stage - the collection of information, then specialists independently conduct an analysis of economic activities, conduct an audit and prepare an audit report.
What is number of certified auditors in your comapny?
Audit-Invest Company has 7 certified auditors.
How and where is happening the audit?
The audit location can be selected at your request. Verification can be carried out on the territory of your enterprise, can be carried out remotely. At the stage of gathering information, the auditors will agree with you the time of your visit to your company.
Will you involve our specialists in the audit? If yes - how long for?
During the first stage - your specialists are involved, since the auditors request the necessary information. If you ordered a full audit, then the auditors conduct the audit themselves. If you ordered a survey audit, your employees participate in certain stages of the audit, which are stipulated in the contract.
Audit by your company is the same as tax, right?
Audit can not be tax, since we are not a state control service. Audit prepares your company for a tax audit, minimizing the probability of fines and penalties.
Is your liability insured?
Yes, our professional responsibility is insured in IC "ASKA" for 1 000 000 UAH.
Will we receive from you recommendations on accounting?
An audit can reveal violations and inconsistencies in the maintenance of accounting and tax records, so you automatically receive recommendations. For a detailed resolution of the consequences, you can use our service and make an appointment for a consultation.
Will the auditors make changes to our accounting?
The audit is aimed at identifying violations and inconsistencies in the conduct of accounting and tax accounting. To make inquiries in accounting you can independently or use our services.
An initiative or mandatory audit - which one to choose?
If an audit is mandatory for you, then in this case it is compulsory. An initiative audit is conducted on the initiative of the organization's management.

Still have a questions?

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Audit of financial statements of enterprises in Kiev and Dnipro

Audit is our main professional mission. This process involves the collection of audit evidence that reliably tells about the financial status of an audited person and their subsequent evaluation. Based on the collected evidence, you can accurately determine whether the financial accounting is being kept correctly and whether the provided accounting statements are reliable. Our organization conducts an independent audit of the accounting of organizations, enterprises and firms in Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk.

The audit is conducted in several stages:

the client must order an audit of the organization of accounting, as well as draw up a corresponding letter, on the basis of which the experts of our company can get acquainted with the financial and economic activities of the audited enterprise;
the development of a work plan and the signing of a contract;
further follows the direct collection of audit evidence, verification of the accounting system;
the final stage of the audit, which includes the analysis of the collected data and as a result – confirmation of the financial statements or its refutation;
In our company only professionals work their business. Who will carry out confirmation of the balance sheet in record time and at an affordable price. Anyone can conduct an accounting audit with our help.

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