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Legal services for your business



Legal services by Audit-Invest for your company is: 

  • reliable solutions in direction of corporate, tax, economic and labor law,
  • prevention of risk situations in any direction of business,
  • protection of your business interests.


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Lack of competent legal support can lead to erroneous decisions, loss of reputation and major financial losses and fines!

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    1. Providing advice, opinions, information on legal issues arising from the client in the course of economic activities.
    2. Analysis of internal documents and business transactions for compliance with current legislation, bringing documents and operations in line with the requirements of legislation, developing legal mechanisms for implementing business solutions.
    3. Representation in the established order of the client's interests in economic courts, courts of general jurisdiction, administrative courts, as well as in other bodies when considering legal disputes.
    4. Participation in contractual and pre-contract work: drafting and legal analysis of all types of contracts, contracts, agreements, clarification of their conditions, legal consequences and possible risks of their conclusion, evaluation of grounds for termination.
    5. Registration of companies, representative offices and subsidiaries; development of charters, internal regulations and regulations.
    6. General consultations on labor law matters; collective bargaining and contracts; reorganization and staff reduction; termination allowances and dismissal payments.
    7. Quality control of administrative records management and compliance with legislation governing the provision of information, replies to requests;
    8. Legal support of individual projects and tasks.




Galina Bakum


For 10 years successfully solving such issues, she knows exactly where to pay attention in the contract and how to make the documents working in the interests of your company.

e-mail: af@audit-invest.com.ua


  1. Legal examination of documents with verbal or written recommendations / comments
  2. Legal analysis of specific issues / situations, with verbal or written inference, development of recommendations based on this analysis
  3. Development of contracts, agreements, additional agreements, protocols of disagreements in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine
  4. Drafting of the contract in accordance with the terms of the client
  5. Contract Development
  6. Preparation of answers to questions/letters from regulatory authorities
  7. Writing a Claim, response to a claim
  8. Analysis of documents to determine the prospects for judicial review
  9. Preparation of documents:
    • statement of claim,
    • counterclaim,
    • application for a court order,
    • applications for review of the decision in connection with the newly emerged circumstances
    • recall of a statement of claim, appeal/cassation complaint,
    • objections to a claim
  10. Representation of client's interests in courts of all instances: the first, appellate, cassation
  11. Analysis of the solution (ruling) of the court to determine the prospects for appellate/cassation appeal
  12. Writing (drafting) an appellate / cassation complaint
  13. Comprehensive case management: preparation of the statement of claim, support of the process of conducting the case, participation in court hearings of all instances, obtaining a decision.
  14. Verbal consultations in all legal matters regarding the application of the current legislation of Ukraine
  15. Written consultations on the application of the current legislation of Ukraine with references to the law
  16. Development of personnel documentation:
    • internal labor regulations,
    • collective agreement,
    • liability contract,
    • contracts, job descriptions,
    • clause on commercial secret, etc.



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Legal services for your business

  • checking the compliance of internal documents of the client with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation;
  • assistance in the preparation and proper execution of title documents and internal documents;
  • legal assessment of normative acts and local documents. Proposals and recommendations concerning the resolution of legal issues of the economic activity of the enterprise;
  • participation in the preparation and conclusion of various kinds of contracts, which are concluded by the Client with other enterprises and citizens;
  • assistance in the organization of control over the implementation of these treaties;
  • Participation in consideration of issues on accounts receivable and accounts payable, which is listed on the client's balance sheet;
  • implementation of measures to repay debt of counterparties (pre-trial settlement of disputes)
  • representation in the established order of the client's interests in economic, general courts, as well as in other state bodies when examining and resolving disputable legal issues;
  • Providing the client with the findings indicating the identified shortcomings in the documents and the work of the Client, as well as providing recommendations on the elimination of identified shortcomings;
  • providing advice, conclusions, information on legal issues that arise in the economic activities of the client;
  • Representation of client's interests in state bodies.