Preparation of transfer pricing documentation package
It is executed both in full and partially (in sections). The cost is determined individually, based on the nature and conditions of the controlled operations.
All documentation is prepared taking into account the recommendations of the OECD / OECD, according to which a section on transfer pricing in the NKU was developed. More
Preparation of controlling operations report
Can be carried out together with preparation of transfer pricing documantation or you can order the report as a separate service. To calculate the individual cost [contact] us.
If you prepared the report yourself, it is possible to give us a transfer pricing report for review. This will give you confidence in the successful passing of the audit of regulatory bodies. More
Consultation in the preparation of transfer pricing documentation
Leading specialists of Audit-Invest will consult on all your questions. The consultation can take place on-line in Skype, at a personal meeting in the office and in writing.
Before the consultation you have to fill in [the brief] and prepare the questions for experts, so they can deeply explore your issue and find effective solution. More
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Preparation of a package of transfer pricing documentation
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Only for 2016-2018. we have prepared 200 packages and over 100 transfer pricing consultations.
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150+ documentation packages are already prepared
and 100+ consultations are provided by our specialists
Benefits to work with us
Experience in transfer pricing
150+ transfer pricing documentation packages is already prepared by our specialists for the biggest national companies
Support and personal approach
For the most effective work consultants are selected individually. We perform a detailed analysis of all operations, represent interests in the supervisory bodies and accompany the inspections of the State fiscal service
No case of return of our accompanying documentation from the state fiscal services
Expert opinion
The specialists of Audit-Invest are aware of all innovations, are regular speakers of specialized events, international forums and seminars
8 certified auditors, 2 tax advisors and 10+ professionals in the transfer pricing sphere
Work on each project takes place in full confidentiality and with the observance of audit ethics
10 years
of experience with transnational corporations
consultations in preparation of transfer pricing package
>16 years
of impeccable service
17 countries
where there are our clients
150 packages
of transfer pricing is prepared in 2016 and 2017
responsibility and guarantee for the completed project
Eugeniia Abrosymova
Partner of transfer pricing practice
  • Certified auditor
  • Member of the Union of Tax Consultants
  • Member of the Association of Tax Advisers in Ukraine
The process of working on your project
1Contact Us
2Fill out the brief
3A meeting at our office
4Concluding an agreement
5Project Implementation
Contact Us
It's very simple! Call right now on tel. 097 338 12 88, 050 340 11 17, order a call back or write to us We are already waiting for your call and are ready to advise on all issues.
Contact Specialist
Fill out the brief
You fill out a short brief. In full confidentiality mode, our specialists prepare an individual commercial offer, and they will definitely offer you several options.
Fill out brief
Meeting in our office
We are ready to arrange a meeting with our experts at a convenient time for you. Come to our office, let's get to know each other better and discuss in more detail all the conditions of the project.
Make an appointment
Conclusion of the contract
After your decision, we will draw up a contract taking into account all the features and nuances of the project.
Discuss details
Project Implementation
For the successful implementation of the project, we form a team of experts who will complete the task on time, provide relevant reports and recommendations.
Remember: we always monitor the quality of our projects and act solely in your interests!
Discuss details
Our clients from 17 countries of the world
United Kingdom
Why Audit-Invest?
  • 150+ well-prepared TC documentation packages
  • Using all the necessary databases for the purpose of a particular client
  • Preparation of documentation for TCs in accordance with Art. 39 NKU "Transfer pricing"
  • Working with us you have the opportunity to take advantage of our escorts during inspections of the controlling bodies
  • Specialists of Audit-Invest provide 2 options for cooperation: a full package and limited (certain agreed points of the project are being fulfilled)
  • We always correctly justify the choice of the method of preparing the Documentation
  • As part of Audit-Invest 8 certified auditors, 2 tax advisors and 10+ professionals in the field of transfer pricing
  • Our specialists are always aware of all the innovations in the legislation, regular speakers of specialized events, international forums and seminars
Our transfer pricing experience
Jurisdictions of counterparties with whom controlled transactions were conducted
  • Cyprus
  • China
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Lithuania
  • Ukraine (gas condensate field)
  • Uzbekistan
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Bulgary
  • Israel
  • Turkey
  • Liechtenstein
  • Ireland
  • Moldova
  • Montenegro
  • Germany
  • Luxembourg
Types of controlled operations: services
  • Accrual of interest on the loan (euro, dollars);
  • Accrual of interest on the dollar of financial leasing;
  • Payment of remuneration for granting the right to use software (royalty);
  • Export of engineering and consulting services of a technical nature;
  • Export of engineering services for designing design documentation;
  • Export of commercial services related to the supply of equipment;
  • Export of technical and commercial consulting services;
  • Export of installation and commissioning works;
  • Import of services for updating and extended support of specialized computer programs;
  • Export of services for supervision during the testing of equipment.
  • Export of services for the technical support of works (repair and restoration of electrical and mechanical equipment);
  • Export of translation services for technical documentation;
  • Import of IT services (consulting services for the use of specialized software and services for updating and extended support of specialized computer programs);
  • Export of services to facilitate debt repayment;
  • Export of commission agent services;
  • Export of services for the processing of goods and manufacturing of processed products;
  • Export of maintenance services for motor-reducers;
  • Import of consulting services for work in SAP software.
Types of controlled operations: goods (part 1)
  • Import of metal products;
  • Import of goods for the manufacture of advertising structures: aluminum profile, vinyl fabrics, self-adhesive films, acrylic panels;
  • Import of products for agriculture: plant protection products (fungicides, herbicides, insecticides); growth regulators, mineral fertilizers;
  • Purchase of gas condensate;
  • Import of agricultural machinery, accessories, spare parts for agricultural machinery and cars;
  • Import of auto-equipment, buses, trucks, dump trucks, truck tractors, truck semitrailers, etc .;
  • Export of spare parts and components for presses;
  • Import of goods for children, toys, their packages and components, as well as other consumer goods;
  • Import of tableware from glass;
  • Import of chemical raw materials;
  • Import of power generators, diesel generators, uninterruptible power supplies, voltage regulators, pumping units, etc .;
  • Import of PVC suspensions;
  • Import of diesel fuel;
  • Import of dental equipment and materials, dental equipment, pastes and filling materials;
  • Import of goods of a group of polymers;
  • Import of a mixture of LPG (liquefied petroleum gases);
Types of controlled transactions: goods (part 2)
  • Import of medical goods: syringes, reagents for measuring sugar and glucose in the blood; other medical and hygienic products;
  • Import of medical equipment: artificial circulation systems, diagnostic radiographic systems, equipment and supplies for hemodialysis;
  • Export of anchor bolts for use in construction;
  • Import of telephone equipment, telephones, controllers;
  • Import of prefabricated modular residential structures, used;
  • Import of office supplies, calendars, brochures, etc.
  • Import of international transportation services;
  • Import of goods for sports and recreation;
  • Import of products used in the machine building industry: component parts or parts thereof;
  • Import of rolled steel with polymer coating, rolled galvanized steel;
  • Export of agricultural products: corn of Ukrainian origin;
  • Import of petroleum products;
  • Import of equipment for trade and accounting: printers to payment terminals; cash registers, bar code scanners, etc.
6 simple steps to make a successful choice of audit company
Pay attention to the customer portfolio
Are there any enterprises in your industry? Find out how many projects the company has completed and how many documentation packages it has prepared. Read customer feedback and recommendations on official forms.
Be sure to ask the company's experience in the field of transfer pricing
Similarly, ask about the cases that the company faced. Communicate with auditors and find out how the choice and justification of the method of preparation of documentation is planned.
Request information about databases
Discuss in detail what sources are used by the company when preparing the documentation package; what bases does it use, is there any permanent access (Ruslana, Amadeus, Royalty Range, etc.)?
Specify the actual experience of relations with the State fiscal service
Do the controlling bodies receive the documentation packages prepared by the company? Are they considered to be sufficiently substantiated? Were there any cases of return?
Learn the skills of specialists
Are there any tax consultants and certified auditors among them? How often do they attend specialized events
Pay attention to the feedback speed at the first contact
Ask questions about the process and the terms of service. Provide background information and ask for a quotation
Find out the cost of transfer pricing for your company
Fill in the brief
Does the tax service accept the documentation prepared by your company?
Experts of Audit-Invest have prepared more than 150 documentation packages, part of which has successfully passed the audit in state controlling bodies.
What databases do you use to prepare the documentation?
We use RUSLANA database, if there is a need for an additional database, we can gain access to a certain project.
Do you conduct consultations on TC issues?
Yes, we are consulting on the preparation of the TC Documentation package, as well as consultations for the preparation of the TC Report. Contact us and we will answer all your questions.
Why are your consultations so expensive?
During the first communication, you fill out the brief, in which you confidentially answer several questions about the activities of your company. After that our specialists analyze the information and prepare an individual price. Quality is always in price!
For which industries do you prepare transfer pricing documentation?
On our website you can familiarize yourself with our clients and get acquainted with a brief overview of the analysis of controlled transactions for goods and services. If you want to see for yourself, you can contact our managers and ask for recommendations from companies from your industry.
Can you check the controlling operations report, which we prepared ourselves?
Yes, you have the opportunity to use our service Audit of the transfer pricing report. We will be happy to check your independent report.
Use the service
Are you going to prepare only part of the transfer pricing documentation, provided that we prepare the other part on our own?
Yes, you can order the Full Documentation package, or Limited. Specialists of Audit-Invest will work in tandem on the project with your specialists, carrying out the specified early points.
The cost is too high, can it be cheaper?
Yes, we do everything for your comfort. If you want to reduce the cost of running the documentation package, you can order both the Full package and the Restricted. We will share with you work on certain sections of the documentation and help you to save money.
Do you have the reviews?
Yes, on our website you can find reviews of our customers on official forms. To make sure of their authenticity, just click on the review.
Read it
In what terms do you prepare the transfer pricing documentation?
Terms are formed based on the volume of controlled transactions. All dates for the delivery of the project are stipulated in the contract.
What is your company's work experience?
15+ years of experience working with different business sectors, over 10 years of work with transnational corporations, 150+ prepared transfer pricing documentation package, 100+ consultations, 8 certified auditors, 2 tax advisers, 10+ transfer pricing specialists and a specialized lawyer.
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Transfer pricing

Transfer pricing applies in case of selling goods and services at undervalued (transfer) prices to friendly (connected) companies that pay taxes at significantly lower rates or are located in low-tax countries.

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