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Our team
Olha Yelchenko
Managing partner
Certified auditor – certificate А № 000721, entitled to conduct audit of companies and economic companies. АССА DipIFR (UK). Dip ICFM (UK).
+38056 745 12 88
Yevheniia Abrosymova
Director of Kyiv branch. Partner in transfer pricing
Certified auditor – certificate № 007303. DipIFR ICFM (UK). Member of Association of Tax Advisors Practical experience of management accounting and budgeting setup, investment projects and product launches evaluation, business-plans creation, automation for international companies of more than 9 years.
+38044 338 12 88
Lyudmila Khimich
Director. Head of Audit and Consulting Department. Responsible for internal quality control
Certified auditor – certificate А № 006603. Certified accountant expert, CAP certificate. Member of Audit Chamber of Ukraine. АССА DipIFR (UK).
+38056 732 40 10
Ekaterina Vasilenko
Head of accounting services department
Certified auditor – certificate А № 007036, decision № 355/2. DipIFR ICFM (UK). Member of Audit Chamber of Ukraine. Practical experience of being a chief accountant of large companies of more than 15 years .
+38056 732 40 09
Julia Egorova
Head of transfer pricing department
Certified auditor – certificate № 0007364. Member of the Auditors Union of Ukraine. More than 8 years of experience in conducting audits and tax consulting of enterprises (including permanent non-resident enterprises) in the fields of industry, agriculture, trade, transport forwarding and construction. Over 4 years of FEA consulting experience and transfer pricing. Practical experience in developing and implementing a cost accounting model at manufacturing plants.
+38050 362 29 36
Elena Eremenko
Certified auditor - certificate number 007542. Certified Accountant-Practitioner, CAP Certificate. More than 8 years of management and control of accounting and tax accounting of more than 30 business entities in textile, wholesale and retail trade, Internet commerce and information technologies, including permanent representation of a non-resident.
+38056 745 12 88
Alla Martynenko
Certified auditor – certificate №007791. Registration number in the Register of auditors - 101083. Specialization: transfer pricing, foreign economic activity, production. Practical experience over 10 years.
+38056 745 12 88

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About the company:

AUDIT-INVEST company provides audit services, accounting services and management consulting. There are 2 offices in Dnipro, 1 office in Kyiv and 1 office in Kamenskoe.

VISION: AUDIT-INVEST company will be progressive national company in TOP-10 on the audit and accounting services market of Ukraine by 2020.

MISSION: We bring small and medium business on the European level.


  • Strictly observe confidentiality, professional and ethical standards
  • Do not allow mistakes due to a double quality control system
  • We carry professional responsibility to our customers
  • Provide personal approach to each company, solve the problems of each client individually
  • We are committed to long-term partnership with customers
  • All professionals have adequate competence and skills for bringing enterprises on the European level
  • Continuously train and professionally develop our employees

In 2011 and 2016 the Audit-Invest Company has successfully passed the external audit of the quality system of the Audit Chamber of Ukraine. The Company is in the “list of audit firms that includes all criteria for doing the statutory audit”

The Kyiv branch of Audit-Invest was opened in 2012. The Kamenskoe branch was opened in 2017.

Today the company 7 certified auditors, more than 32 qualified specialists, who are monthly attend internal training system.

Today Audit-Invest Company provides service for more than 470 companies from 17 countries.

Professional responsibility for audit clients insured SC “ASKA” for 10 000 000 UAH.

We focus on the interests and needs of customers. We always open for discussion, available and ready to help. We are the one team and together achieve our goals.

The list of entities audited by Audit-Invest during 2017, in accordance with Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine “About auditing”:

  • Private corporation “Nezabudinskoe hlebopriemnoe predpriyatie”
  • Private corporation “Ista Center”
  • Public corporation “Dneprovskiy krahmalopatochniy kombinat”
  • Private corporation “Pologovskiy masloekstraktsionniy zavod”

The list of entities audited by Audit-Invest during 2016, in accordance with Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine “About auditing”:

  • Public corporation “Depropetrovskiy zavod elektrotehnicheskogo oborudovaniya”
  • Public corporation “Dneprovskiy krahmalopatochniy kombinat”
  • Limited liability company “FGI”

The list of entities audited by Audit-Invest during 2015, in accordance with Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine “About auditing”:

  • Private corporation “Vasilkovskiy kombikormoviy zavod”
  • Public corporation “Dnepropetrovskiy zavod elektrotehnicheskogo oborudovaniya”
  • Public corporation “Dnepropetrovskiy krahmalopatochniy zavod”
  • Private corporation “Dnepropetrovskiy ingenerno-tehnicheskiy center “KONTAKT”
  • Limited liability company “FGI”

LLC Audit company “Audit-Invest” EDRPOU 32241880

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