What is transfer pricing?

Transfer pricing (TP) establishes price controls in transactions between related parties, as well as with counterparties from low-tax jurisdictions.

Basic principle – prices in the transfer transactions should comply with the price level that would exist between independent companies under the same conditions.


Transfer pricing with «Audit-Invest»

Company “Audit-Invest” has a team of auditors, lawyers, tax consultants, IT-specialists, who lead TP projects. Since the beginning of 2016, we have successfully prepared more than 150 projects and more than 100 consultations on transfer pricing in Ukraine.



  • Identification of the controlled transactions
  • Calculation and justification of price
  • Distribution of profits between Group’s companies
  • Preparation of the report on controlled transactions
  • Preparation of documentation for TP
  • Development of pricing policy
  • Consulting on minimizing tax risks
  • Consulting on the organization of transactions with related parties and off-shore companies

Preparation of the documentation package for TP is performed by our company both in its entirety and with the division of powers: part of work takes on a client, another part – “Audit-Invest”.

You can acquaint with a list of services and choose what is best for you!



Preparation of the Report on controlled transactions is not included in the package for preparation of documentation for transfer pricing and it is paid in addition. The estimated cost of services for the preparation of this report is 10 000 UAH, depending on the size and complexity.

If you decide to prepare this Report independently, we are ready to provide services for control the correctness of the report. Cost of services for control of correctness of the report is from 5000 UAH.

To prepare individual calculation of the cost of filling the Report on controlled transactions and Transfer Pricing Documentation there are required list of transactions with related parties – non-residents (or residents of low-tax jurisdictions), the volume of transactions which exceed 5 mln. UAH (hereinafter – “controlled transactions”).

Necessary data on controlled transactions (for each counterparty):

1. Number of agreements with each counterparty;

2. Average number of invoices (customs declarations) / Reports of completed works per month (for each counterparty);

3. Average number of units of goods / services in each invoice / Report of completed works.


All documentation is prepared taking into account OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) recommendations, according to which section on transfer pricing has been developed in the TCU

Working closely with colleagues in the field of corporate taxation, customs regulation, business consulting and law, experts of AF “Audit-Invest” provide assistance in structuring internal corporate transactions, in the analysis of tax risks related to the application of transfer prices and justifying internal corporate prices from the tax point of view.

RESULTS OF OUR WORK can be used not only for the purpose of submission to the tax and customs authorities, but also by third parties (minority shareholders or creditors, etc.)

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