Management consulting
Analysis of the work of the accounting service
  • compiling the Matrix of functions:
    • analysis of the organizational chart of the accounting department
    • rational distribution of executive and control functions to prevent mistakes
  • analysis of the current system of management reporting: checking compliance with control points, identifying the causes of possible deviations, checking the organization of workflow and the division of responsibilities for the compilation of managerial reporting between departments
  • development of budgeting system, development of forms of managerial reporting: balance, BDR, BRGK
  • development of the system of balanced indicators of the state of the enterprise for use in management of the enterprise by the higher management
Testing accountantsSkype-consulting for your business from a certified auditor Olga Yelchenko
Accounting and tax consulting
Consulting supportCorporate training seminars
  • individually for the personnel of your enterprise, taking into account your needs
Skype-consultations on accounting and tax accounting
Services in organization / checking of separate areas of accounting
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15 875 000 UAH already saved the CEO,
working with us
The benefits of working with us
The experience of 65+ professionals and a variety of cases allows us to find the right solution
By ordering a consultation with us you save time and money of the company
Expert opinion
Audit-Invest specialists are aware of all legislative innovations and will help you conduct business within the law, avoiding fines and penalties
7 certified auditors, 2 tax consultants, a team of professionals and more than 15 years of experience
Comprehensive approach
For a comprehensive approach to solving the problem we involve the necessary specialists: accountants, auditors, lawyers
Personal approach
For the most effective solution to each of your questions, we individually select a consultant
Stages of work with us
1Contact us
2Analysis of your question
3Meeting at our office
4Signing an agreement
5Realization of the project
Contact us
It's very easy! Call now! 097 338 12 88, 050 340 11 17, order a call back or write to us We are waiting for your call and ready to advise on all issues.
Contact the specialist
Analysis of your question
You briefly answer a few questions about your business. In the full privacy mode, our specialists prepare an individual commercial offer, and will certainly offer you several options.
Fill in the brief
Meeting at our office
We are ready to arrange a meeting with our experts at a time convenient for you. Come to our office, get to know each other and discuss all the terms of the project in more detail. As a result of the meeting, our experts analyze your situation and provide the most effective solution.
Agree on the meeting.
Signing an agreement
We make a contract taking into account all the features and nuances of the project.
Discuss the details
Realization of the project
For the successful implementation of the service, we individually select a specialist who will be with you throughout the project.
Remember: we always keep track of the quality of our projects and act solely in your favor!
Our clients from 17 countries of the world
United Kingdom
Your benefit from consulting services of Audit-Invest
  • 100% answer to your question
  • During each consultation, our specialists deeply immerse themselves in your question by analyzing in detail to offer you the most effective solution
  • Our specialists will explain complex things in plain language
  • Consultation with our experts reduces the risk of accounting mistakes and fines
  • You get a decision not to "invent a bike" yourself
  • You will have time to develop business without stopping
  • Advisory service minimizes mistakes in accounting, gives the possibility to qualitatively keep an account of an enterprise
  • You will always be aware of all legislative changes
  • You can use our service seminar-training for staff on matters of interest, it will improve the quality of accounting
  • Consulting always makes it possible to be the first one
  • You have the opportunity to attend our seminars and workshops that we regularly conduct and share the most up-to-date information
  • With our help you can register your company and keep an accountancy with us on outsourcing, thereby saving money in the state
  • By ordering our service, you get the most effective solution and open answer/li>
3 simple steps for making successful choice of consulting company
Pay attention to the portfolio of clients
How many of them? Is this a small or medium business? Are there any enterprises in your industry? Are there companies doing this kind of activity? All this tells about the experience of the company's employees and the level of tasks that they can solve!
Be sure to ask the company's experience
Find out in detail the cases (cases) that the company faced
Read the customer reviews on official forms
If you want, ask customer contacts and talk to them personally
Find out the cost of consulting for your company
Can I be consulted during co-operation?
During our cooperation with you, an Audit-Invest specialist is attached. Our specialist will answer all the questions.
Can I encounter any problems working with you?
Audit-Invest specialists have high qualifications, necessary certificates and extensive experience in various fields of business. Our team is responsible for the ongoing project and you will not have any problems working with us.
Do you have a lawyer?
Yes, we have an expert lawyer who will assist you in solving issues of any complexity, including accounting and tax law.
Do you follow the changes in the law?
Audit-Invest experts are aware of all the innovations, are regular speakers of specialized events, international forums and seminars.
Will you notify me about changes in legislation?
You have the opportunity to visit our seminars and workshops, which we regularly conduct and share the most up-to-date information.
Do you work with companies from my industry?
16+ years of experience of the company, 320+ satisfied customers from different fields of business, which you can find on the site:
How fast can you help me?
By contacting us, you immediately receive answers to interesting questions.
How fast do you react?
We respond to your request as soon as the application or call is received.
Will a specialist be assigned to me?
Yes, this is a prerequisite for cooperation. Based on your chosen service, we will create a team that will execute the project and appoint a personal consultant for you.

Accounting and tax accounting cosultation for CEO

Management consulting is a rather new and young service. This process implies an individual approach for analyzing any of the companies and the allocation of its problem areas. A team of specialists will select the most effective and optimal ways to solve existing problems.

The services provided by the company Audit -Invest also include consulting services. There will be people next to you who will be able to provide tax advice, accountant advice at any time, and will provide answers to tax questions, if there are any.

Management consulting will help not only competently organize financial processes, but also help to establish a competent process of management of a particular organization or enterprise. Tax consulting, in turn, will be a good practice in order for all the necessary documentation to be ready on time and in order. Thanks to our specialists, you can always get all the answers to the questions you care about.

The cost of our services is a flexible system of calculations, which is individually selected for each case. We conduct accounting, as well as many other processes in any organizations of Kiev and the Dnieper. It all depends on the amount of work required, but the price of our services will surely surprise you pleasantly.

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