Audit-Invest Company takes over all the functions of the accounting service of your company, starting with the preparation of initial documents in on-line mode and ending with the formation of the whole package of financial and tax reporting, the delivery of this reporting to the established addresses.By synchronizing accounting databases, you own up-to-date information about the state of settlements with buyers and suppliers.

You don't spend your time on keeping personnel records, on relationships with banks on servicing settlement accounts, making deposits, loans, for dealing with supervisory bodies on issues of reporting, accompanying counter and other inspections.

Audit-Invest Company provides the next services:

Functions of Audit-Invest specialists:

  • the formation of primary documents for the sale of goods, works, services on-line;
  • input of primary documents confirming the expenses of the enterprise, into the accounting program 1C (incoming invoices, service certificates, advance reports, etc.);
  • maintenance of personnel records;
  • payroll calculation;
  • the conduct of cash transactions, transactions on settlements with accountable persons;
  • control over the state of the debt on the cash amounts given out in the account, the terms of the cash withdrawal, compliance with the cash limit;
  • maintenance of the Client-Bank;
  • work with banks on registration of deposits, loans, currency transactions;
  • conducting reconciliation checks with the Customer's contractors;
  • carrying out write-offs of inventory, putting into operation non-negotiable assets upon agreement with the Customer;
  • the introduction of tax invoices, the formation of registers for VAT;
  • calculation of income tax, VAT;
  • calculation and calculation of other taxes and fees;
  • tax planning;
  • reporting for external users, submission of reports to established addresses (STI, funds, statistics bodies, etc.);
  • preparation of personalized records on the Customer's employees in the Pension Fund;
  • preparation of management reports for the management of the Customer;
  • preparation of primary documents in the event of inspections by regulatory authorities;
  • support of the enterprise during inspections of regulatory bodies;
  • consulting support on current issues of accounting and tax accounting.
Preparation of transfer pricing documentation package
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Only for 2016-2019 we have already prepared 250 transfer pricing packages and have provided more than 100 consultations.
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Our clients save
more than 15 875 000 UAH every year

The benefits of working with us

The cost of our services is lower than the salary of a full-time accountant by 15-20%


We don't make the mistakes, no fines


Our responsibility is insured for 1 000 000 UAH by ASKA insurance company

Personal approach

We assign a personal specialist who works with your enterprise


Certified specialists, more than 20 years of experience, two-level control system

Complex approah

We involve accountants, certified auditors, lawyers, IT specialists to service your company


92,6% of chief accountants are women. Audit-Invest don't take a vacation, sick leave, decree, etc.

Free time

You can delete accounting from your task list - Audit-Invest is solving your pronlems now.

The workflow of your project
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Our clients from 17 countries of the world
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Why Audit-Invest?
Professional solutions to issues

  • Taxation of import and export operations for the supply / receipt of services
  • Application of the International Treaties for the avoidance of double taxation
  • Distributions of tax credit for taxable and non-taxable transactions
  • Work with budgetary funds

Acts without violations during inspections of controlling bodies

  • The State Fiscal Service, Labor and Social Protection Departments
  • Pension fund and all other social funds

Positive decisions to appeal against the Acts of inspections

  • Objections to the Tax Inspection Act at the level of the State Tax Inspectorate - cancellation of the act
  • Administrative appeal at the region level - cancellation of the tax notice-decision in full
    Court appeal of the courts of first instance and appeal - cancellation in full

Payroll calculation

  • Preparation of primary personnel documents, maintenance of personnel records, payroll calculation for more than 1,300 people
  • Obtaining permission for employment of non-residents, forming and delivery of reports on time

Experience in cooperation with enterprises of various activities

  • Internet business, advertising activities, freight forwarding, agriculture, wholesale trade in industrial and consumer goods, medical goods, agricultural machinery, etc.
6 steps to successfully choose a company for accounting services
Pay attention to the customer portfolio

How much? Is it a small or average business? Is there enterprises with the same kind of activity? It all tells about experience of the company's employees and about the level of tasks, what they can to make

Check the number of employees (it is necessary for the company to have more that 20 employees in the state) and also it is important to check the number of certified auditors

The number of employees indicates whether there will be an opportunity to devote enough time to your company. The number of certified auditors indicates the qualitative structure of the staff

Pay attention to how quickly company reacted on your request in the first contact

Ask questions about the procees and conditions of the service Give the background information and ask for commercial offer. If the company need a lot of time on the stage of service offering - it's the sign that there will be problems with communications during the cooperation

Be sure to visit the office of the company

Have a deal about meeting, do not limit yourself and ask questions. Only in this way you will be able to assess the training level of specialists

Read clients reviews on official forms

If you want, ask for customer contacts and chat with them in person.

Discuss responsibility and sign the contract

Sound all your wishes, discuss the cost of service. Carefully study the contract for accountability, which is borne by the accounting company

Find out the cost of accounting serices for your company

Fill in the brief

Which companies you can serve?
We serve all legal entities of any organizational and legal form, with the exception of cooperatives.
How will be organized our work?
Our work is organized as comfortable as possible for you. Maintaining all accounting is carried out remotely, as well as reporting.
Who will communicate with our counterparties?
If these questions arise in the field of accounting or tax accounting, then in this case to communicate with your counterparties will be an expert of Audit-Invest.
What is the difference between you and the accountant?
By entrusting your accounting to us, you save on paying the accountant, the content of the workplace, minimizing the risk of fines and penalties.
What we need to start our cooperation?
You need to contact us and fill in the brief.

How is the service cost calculated?
You fill out the brief in which you give key information about the company. Our specialists analyze all the data on the basis of which the calculation is made. All information is confidential.
What's the diferrence between complete accounting services and accounting services with duties division?
Full service occurs in the event that you transfer the full accounting for outsourcing. If we are responsible for certain areas of accounting, and others are led by your accountant - this is the services with duties division.
Why can't you name the price right away?
All prices are calculated individually, based on the volume of the enterprise. Addressing to us you will receive not only the individual cost calculated for your company, but also 2 options for the price of the required service.
Will the cost change in the process of cooperation? How often and on what does it depend?
The price change is possible in case of increase in the volume of controlled transactions, transfer of additional accounting areas and inflation.
How many people will serve our company?
The number of specialists depends on the volume of work performed.
Why do you have such a cost?
Only specialized accountants and auditors will work on your project, the qualifications of which are confirmed by numerous certificates and work experience.
How often will we have to meet?
In the process of working on your project, there is no need for additional meetings, as cooperation takes place remotely.
Do you still have the questions?

We are sure, you will find here everything you need.

Complete accounting services in Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk

Audit-Invest Company undertakes performance of all functions of accounting department of the client’s company, beginning with drawing up primary documents on-line and ending up with formation of a full package of financial and tax statements, submission of these statements to specified addresses. Via synchronization of account database, the client gets current information on settlements with buyers and suppliers. The client does not waste time on HR recordkeeping, on dealing with banks concerning payment accounts service, bank deposit, credit arrangement, dealing with supervisory agencies concerning report submission, monitoring counter and other inspections.

Workers of accounting department of the client and Audit-Invest Company specialists each perform their set of accounting functions on their workplaces, and the result is displayed in unified accounting basis 1C via synchronization of information.

The client gets high-qualified assistance and all-round experience of Audit-Invest Company, saves time on dealing with supervisory agencies concerning report submission, monitoring counter inspections and other inspections

We provide full comprehensive accounting services for small businesses, organizations, enterprises, legal entities in Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk. This process takes place taking into account all legislative norms and rules, and in addition, we guarantee you complete confidentiality. Our specialists through outsourcing for various companies, firms and any other type of business will identify all areas of accounting that require professional intervention.

The cost of the service for each client is calculated individually. Our online specialist can always advise you remotely and answer all your questions. Our prices and quotations for services are always loyal – we care about the interests of our customers.

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