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Would you like to open a business in Ukraine? Is it necessary to register a company? Ask for assistance to highly professional specialists of the “Audit-Invest” company!

The most appropriate and stable form of incorporation for non-residents is a limited liability company (LLC). It has firm legislative framework and a number of advantages for foreign founders. The experts of the audit company “Audit-Invest” will definitely tell you about them during personal meeting.

LLC registration whose founder is a non-resident of Ukraine, takes place in two stages. Firstly, the non-resident should receive ITN. And already on the second stage, the company is being registered in Kyiv, Dnipro.


For ITN receipt, the non-resident will need the following documents:

  • Passport of the foreigner (copy);
  • Notarial proxy for representation of interests in the state registration service;

For LLC registration process conduct with the help of specialists of the “Audit-Invest” company, you will need the following documents:

  • Copies of founders passports;
  • Copies of all founders ITNs;
  • Copies of an accountant and director passports;
  • Accountant and director ITNs copies.


It is necessary to prepare independently:

  • Invent the name of the LLC;
  • Think over the formation of executive authority (director or directory);
  • Set up the percentage ratio for contributions in the authorized capital by the founders;
  • Define as for the amount of the authorized capital;
  • Set up the authorized capital (property, money);
  • Arrange six types of activity that will become the main ones;
  • Define the location of the company;
  • Provide with the contact phone number for the state authorities;
  • Consider the possibility of having a logo of the company.

The performance time is from 10 working days.


The list of additional services of the “Audit-Invest” company includes:

  • Opening of bank current account;
  • Registration of value added tax by the tax payer;
  • Receipt of the necessary certificates for the company stamps and electronic and digital signatures of the available responsible persons;
  • Assistance in receipt of license for software to file accounts «М.Е.Doc IS»;
  • Contracts conclusion with SFS for electronic reports submission.


The “Audit-Invest” company specialists will tell you about all peculiarities of Ukrainian legislation and will help you open a business with minimal time expenditures! 


We will take personal charge of all worries as for the registration of LLC in Ukraine!

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