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Transfer pricing



Transfer pricing establishes price control in transactions between related persons, and with counterparties from low-tax jurisdictions.

The basic principle is that prices in transfer transactions should correspond to the level of prices that would exist between independent companies under the same conditions.



There is in Audit-Invest a group of auditors, lawyers, tax advisers, IT specialists who conduct transfer pricing projects. Since the beginning of 2016, we have successfully prepared more than 55 projects and more than 75 consultations on transfer pricing in Ukraine.


Head of Transfer Pricing Department

  • Experience in transfer pricing projects in transnational corporations for more than 10 years. Only in 2016 55 documentation packages were prepared and more than 75 consultations were provided
  • Member of the Union of Tax Consultants
  • Member of the Association of Tax Advisers in Ukraine
  • Certified Auditor

 We can help you in the next directions:

  • Identification of monitored operations
  • Calculation and justification of prices
  • Distribution of profit between group companies
  • Preparation of a report on controlled transactions
  • Drawing up documentation on the TCO
  • Development of pricing policy
  • Consultations on minimization of tax risks
  • Advising on the organization of transactions with related parties and offshore companies
The preparation of the package of transfer pricing documentation is carried out by our company, both in full and with the division of authority: part of the work is undertaken by the client, part is Audit-Invest.




To prepare an individual calculation of the cost of completing the Report on Controlled Transactions and the Transfer Pricing Documentation, we need a list of transactions with related non-resident parties (or residents of low-tax jurisdictions), the volume of transactions with which exceeds UAH 5 million. (hereinafter referred to as "controlled transactions"). 



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Required data:

1. The number of contracts with each counterparty;

2. The average number of invoices (customs declarations) / certificates of work performed per month (for each counterparty);

3. The average number of units of goods / services in each invoice / certificate of work performed.


All documentation is prepared taking into account the recommendations of OECD / OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), according to which a section on transfer pricing was developed in NKU

Working closely with their colleagues in the field of taxation of legal entities, customs regulation, business consulting and law, Audit-Invest experts assist in structuring intra-corporate transactions, analyzing tax risks associated with the application of transfer prices, and justifying intracorporate prices with tax points of view.

THE RESULTS OF OUR WORK can be used not only for filing with the tax and customs authorities, but also for third parties (minority shareholders or creditors, etc.).




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