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af@audit-invest.com.ua, mail@audit-invest.com.ua


As a chief accountant of the company “PLATO-PLUS”, i wish to thank Audit Company “Audit-Invest” for every assistance in case of any difficulties.
I turned to the “Audit-Invest” for audit first. Experts of the company have shown a high professional level, responsibility and empathy. I was pleasantly surprised by the work. Then together with director, we made a decision partly to transfer the accounting on outsourcing.
This step has played a big role in increasing the effectiveness of both my work and the whole enterprise. All work on the sites that are specialists of AF Audit-Invest are carried out qualitatively, promptly and do not require re-checking. Therefore, I recommend this audit firm as a reliable partner in the field of accounting services and audit!

Volodymyr Pshenyak, chief accountant of PLATO-PLUS

The staff of the company Parallel-M, Ltd. would like to thank to the staff of Audit Company “Audit-Invest”, in particular, to the director of Kyiv Branch Yevheniia Abrosymova, for professional help in solving the operational issues, which related to the specifics of our company, for a partnership approach to cooperation.
All work is done in a professional manner and in the form of a constructive dialogue that promotes the prompt resolution of emerging issues.
In the face of the company’s leaders and its employees, we have gained real friends who will come to the rescue at any moment, and always give a professional advice.

E. Hilenko, director of Parallel-M, Ltd.

Joint cooperation with Audit-Invest, Ltd. for over 10 years gives me the moral and legal basis as an honest and reliable partner.
Accounting outsourcing showed high professional quality and responsible of employees in the perfomance of their duties, which is confirmed by the absence of comments and the penalties by the inspecting and supervising bodies.
The nature of industrial relations between two companies is a friendly and welcoming. This allows us to recommend Audit-Invest, Ltd. as a guaranteed business partner in accounting and auditing.

Gennadiy Solodovnikov, director “Yatran ltd.”

Thank audit company for faultless service.
At starting a business was made a decision to transfer accounting on outsoursing. We didn’t have time for search accountant, for the equipment of the workplace, for the workflow control. We choose audit company very carefully, because it’s difficult to trust accounting to unfamiliar firm. But the result impressed us! At the first time we fall into the hands of true professionals. All the work is done quickly and accurately.
We wish audit company “Audit-Invest” further development and prosperity! With great pleasure we recommend “Audit-Invest”, as a reliable partner in the provision of accounting services!

Angela Shevchenko, director of Shevchenko&Co, Ltd.

In this year our company had the opportunity to seek professional advice from experts of audit company “Audit-Invest”. We wish to note, among the company’s employees a lot of highly qualified specialist in the field audit and accounting, reliable lawyers. All the friendly team communicates with clients “on the same wave”, accompanies and helps to solve complex issues.
Useful and practical knowledge can be purchased on company’s seminars or business breakfast.
The company’s motto “your financial confidence base” is true!
Make sure that “Audit-Invest” is the company of professionals!
Cooperation continues…

Ganna Kruglyak, head of financial department of company “TOI Group”

Head of Wind Parks of Ukraine, Ltd. are grateful to audit company “Audit-Invest” for quality project implementation – international financial reporting standard of our company.
When we choosing specialized consulting company for IFRS transformation, we quided on presence of professionals experience and business reputation. Considering impressive professional experience of experts of “Audit-Invest”, voluminous portfolio of clients and their recommendations, we choose this organization.
Quality and deadlines had no complaints and claims. It was demonstrate a clear workflow and communications. We wish to note the high qualification level and, as the result, a qualitatively prepared financial documentation.
Especially nice that audit company “Audit-Invest” offers competitive costs of the services on the consulting market that allows us to use the services of true professionals without a significant cost increase.
ООО “УК “Ветряные парки Украины” рекомендует ООО АФ «Аудит-Инвест» как надежного, компетентного партнера по консалтинговым проектам, выполняющего все принятые на себя обязательства.
Wind Parks of Ukraine, Ltd. recommends “Audit-Invest” like reliable, qualified partner for consulting project, who fulfills all its commitments.

Eremenko V., CEO of Wind Parks of Ukraine, Ltd.

Agriculture Innovation Center Kyiv, Ltd. since November, 2015 uses the accounting services, provided by the Audit Company “Audit-Invest”. By signing the contract we have solved an accounting problem and saved on formation of our own Accounting Department.
Joint cooperation didn’t disappoint! For the current year we have appreciated the high quality of accouting services, the true professionalism, responsibility, quality assurance, insurance possible errors – this all makes our cooperation promising and secure.
Separately want to note the high level of service of the auditing firm “Audit-Invest”. Staff is decent, responsible and friendly. On all of our questions react instantly and correctly. We are very satisfied of our cooperation!
For its part, we recommended to all companies of Ukraine Audit Company “Audit-Invest” as a reliable and conscientious partner, who provedes accounting services on high level!

Irina Kinitsa, director of Agriculture Innovation Center Kyiv, Ltd

By this letter, TRADING HOUSE MAZ-UKRAINE confirms the provision of services by Audit-Invest for the preparation of a package of documentation and the preparation of a report on transfer pricing in 2016.

When there was a question, who will prepare the reporting for transfer pracing, we considered the best auditor companies of Ukraine. Of the many proposals, including the Big Four, we chose Audit-Invest. Advantages of Audit-Invest were: efficiency in work, price, ability to find a solution in unusual situations, benevolence and tactfulness.

We would like to note the high professional level of specialists of the audit company, who with great attention to all areas of our activities. When urgent questions arose, they entered into a position and were ready to help the council immediately, even after the end of the working day. As a result, the documentation and reporting were compiled competently and promptly.

A distinctive feature of Audit-Invest is a benevolent style of communication and real teamwork. Even if our specialist was busy, the other at the same time picked up and provided professional advice. Therefore, TRADING HOUSE” MAZ-UKRAINE “expresses great gratitude to the whole team of Audit-Invest, and in particular Abrosymova Eugeniia for professional help!

Based on the positive experience of cooperation, we recommend Audit-Invest to all who need a reliable partner in transfer pricing issues!

Eugeniia Shevchenko, chief accountant of Trading House MAZ-UKRAINE


We express our gratitude to the audit firm Audit-Invest for assistance in preparing the transfer pricing documentation. The specialists showed a high level of professionalism, business activity and, most importantly, an individual approach to the project implementation. All the obligations undertaken by the audit firm “Audit-Invest” fulfilled exactly on time and in full. We were convinced that we can always rely on support and assistance from auditors, tax advisers, lawyers. Therefore, we recommend audit firm “Audit-Invest” as a reliable partner and competent business consultant!

Igor Ignatov, director of Stroi Center


In “Audit-Invest” I have been serviced for only a month. I will not hide that we are clients of each other. I am engaged in SEO-promotion, and they lead my accounting. I admit that I could not resist their service in the work, for which I watched from the side. Today I forgot what accountancy is and nothing distracts me from my favorite work! With “Audit-Invest” I save time, money and nerves. I want to note the efficiency of the execution of tasks and the friendly staff.

I rejoice in the victories of “Audit-Invest” and am proud of the cooperation with them, because now I understand their indispensability in any sphere, in any job and at any time! Our relationship has definitely acquired a long-term character!

Vitalii Ponomarenko, PE Ponomarenko

Absolut-Steel occupies a leading position on the Ukrainian market of industrial rolled metal products, carries out wholesale deliveries of metal products across Ukraine and Europe, which is why the issue of transfer pricing became acute for the enterprise in 2016. The audit firm helped us comply with the domestic legislative requirements in the transfer pricing sphere Audit-Invest. The specialists prepared documentation for transfer pricing for Absolute-Steel and provided operational support during the formation of the report on controlled transactions.

We would like to note the high level of organization, competence and professionalism of the company’s consultants. Audit-Invest has established itself as a reliable business partner.

We express our gratitude to the team of Audit-Invest, which worked on our project, for attentiveness and interest in the positive result of cooperation, in the efficient and qualitative fulfillment of the task!

Alexander Prokopenko, director of Absolute Steel


Our cooperation with Audit-Invest started in 2008, since the establishment of the representative office of the international company Solvay Chemicals International SA in Dnipro. Professionalism, goodwill, efficiency in the work and the quality of the services provided made our robot long-term. What is particularly popular in the work is a personal approach.

There is no feeling that I work with an outsourcing firm and the accountant is not at hand. In Audit-Invest, my company is assigned to individual employees who are always in touch and in the course of all matters and issues. An important point for me is also that here they will always give competent advice, in time will warn about possible threats.

It is very pleasant that the employees grow professionally. My service specialist Eremenko L. got a certificate of SAR during her work, which once again confirms that my accounting department is in the reliable hands of professionals!

I trust Audit-Invest and recommend it to foreign representations of international companies!

Andrey Plakhotnik, director of Solvay Chemicals International


The world’s largest provider of digital video services for mobile video, LoopMe, thanks to this letter, thanks the audit firm Audit-Invest for its high-quality accounting services.

Our company covers over 1 billion consumers all over the world. Offices of LoopMe are in London, Beijing, Dubai, Dnipro, Berlin, Paris, New York and San Francisco. Today, the number of companies operating under the auspices of the LoopMe brand in the Dnieper exceeds a hundred. In this regard, we need a high-quality accounting service, which is often beyond the ability of a regular specialist.

Even at the beginning of our activity we turned to the audit firm Audit-Invest, which helped us with the registration of the Dnipro office and offered comprehensive accounting services.

Based on the results of the joint work, we can state that the experts of the audit firm Audit-Invest have a high professional level and responsibly relate to the provision of services. The company flawlessly fulfills all obligations undertaken.

LoopMe in the Dnipro recommends Audit-Invest as a responsible, reliable and professional company.

Nataliia Sergeeva, director of LoopMe


From the very beginning of planning a new business, even before the creation of the company in the crisis year of 2014, our European founders have set the task of choosing a reliable partner in accounting and auditing support for a new enterprise that will help to build the right system of work, prompt and warn against mistakes in a constantly changing legislation. Our choice fell on the Audit-Invest and since then we have never regretted this decision. In working with Audit-Invest, it is necessary to note the high professionalism of the staff, the obvious desire for constant development and improvement, as well as a large staff diverse specialists. The responsiveness of the reaction and the received detailed answers to seemingly complicated and complicated questions from time to time are simply amazing (in the good sense of the word). Cooperating with Audit-Invest we not only receive high-quality service and save on the maintenance of unnecessary accounting staff, the main thing is that we feel protected. And this is very important in today’s unstable conditions!

I often mention in my interviews with my partners that I work with a professional audit company Audit-Invest on a permanent basis and I say it with pride!

Artem Marushak, director of ABO Valve 


In my business, I try to keep up with the times. And how else if you are engaged in the introduction of advanced technologies – alternative energy sources. So, by providing a more economical, efficient life and work for Ukrainians, I found a company that took off from me many questions about doing business.

And now I want to express my gratitude to Audit-Invest for conscientious and professional accounting. Thanks to this company, I save a lot of time and effort. Now I pass the work of Audit-Invest, and then everything is distributed in the directions without my additional participation.

A big advantage I would mention the quality of the services provided and the comfortable conditions of interaction. Here high level of qualification of specialists, they are prompt, friendly and tactful.

I recommend Audit-Invest as a reliable partner and a team of professionals! And I wish you success and development!

Cherniak Igor, director of Alternative Solution


Overall impression of working with the company is good and very positive. Professionalism, universality, flexibility and interchangeability of employees. Good communication. In addition to helping to find a common language with the STI, I also raised my own level of knowledge through seminars and Business breakfasts with Olga Yelchenko. They help with business and advice on practically all issues that are of interest to us (as well as our investors). Why is it useful for companies to contact Audit-Invest? Because companies need to quietly do their main business, being confident that “in the kitchen of finance” everything is in order.

Oleg Kalianov, director of BÖHLER – UDDEHOLM UKRAINЕ


We started working with Audit-Invest at difficult times for our company. But together we have overcome them and I hope that it will be better only. I really like the professional work and clear recommendations of the experts of Audit-Invest, who supervise us. Always polite, ready to help in any situation, set to positive. For me, as not a specialist in the field of accounting, work with “Audit-Invest” – just a godsend. I can be calm for the relations with the controlling bodies, and also for the fact that all the accounting is conducted clearly. Special thanks to Martynenko Alla, with whom we are in touch every day.

With pleasure I recommend Audit-Invest to my friends, as well as to all who need professional support, because they are the best, and believe me, I have someone to compare with.

Mashinets Viktoriia, director of MASHINERIIA

I have the best impression of cooperation. We ourselves found Audit-Invest and chose this organization as an auditor and consultant on several criteria. In total, Audit-Invest turned out to be the strongest. Every time we are convinced that we are dealing with professionals. For three years of cooperation, we have established a trusting relationship. We receive the necessary services, comprehensive support, sincere goodwill. Yes, the services of Audit-Invest are worth the money, but this cost has returned to us a hundredfold. To the services of Audit-Invest we turned to solve a rather specific and complex problem. This was necessary for us to sign a contract with the world’s largest manufacturer. The contract was signed with us. After that, our cooperation has become systematic and it is constantly expanding. High professionalism, trusting relations, pro-active approach. Here is our assessment of Audit-Invest. We highly appreciate the work of Audit-Invest and our cooperation. We recommend Audit-Invest to those who want to have a reliable, highly professional partner and gain new competitive advantages.

Yurii Protopopov, director of RIM 2000


My impression of the company’s work can be formulated as “thoughtfulness and efficiency”. I know that I can call even outside office hours and ask a question. I will get the answer as soon as it is ready, with the maximum speed.
Strengths – professionalism and organization of work, allowing you to consolidate the company of the so-called. “curator”, which can be accessed on any issue. The answer is prepared by specialists, but we get it from the person to whom we applied. Thanks to the company Audit-Invest, which by our request prepared reasoned answers to our business partners, we were able to defend our position in the negotiations, were able to correct some system errors in the organization work, minimized tax risks.
I like the level of service that we receive from Audit-Invest, I can call it high, because it is characterized by such things as competence and efficiency, as well as a high level of responsibility for the services provided.
I think that it is useful to work with the Audit-Invest, because all services are provided in the complex: audit and consulting are possible, as well as maintaining accounting and its separate areas, forming and submitting reports. The working conditions of Audit-Invest with its clients implies the possibility to receive consultations on the issues of interest without additional approvals and payments, and in our hard time it is very pleasing.
Personally, as the company’s chief accountant, I can recommend Audit-Invest to other companies with full responsibility. Believe, you will not be disappointed!

Nina Ivanenyuk, chief accountant of FAMED UKRAINE

Our company has been cooperating with Audit-Invest since 2008. We want to note the high professionalism of the company’s specialists, their continuous professional growth, responsible and creative approach to solving a wide variety of tasks, benevolence and willingness to always help. Monthly seminars held by the company are always interesting and help in the work. Consultations of Audit-Invest employees are always competent, timely, which allows you to quickly solve current problems. In the conditions of constant changes in the legislation, consultations with the employees of Audit-Invest AF are becoming a real help in the work. We are ready to recommend Audit-Invest to other companies as a high-quality audit company with a high level of service and professional training of employees.

We want to thank you for the friendly attitude of the management and employees of the company and wish you continued success.

Mihail Pyatnitsia, director of SEW-EURODRIVE


Among the strengths of Audit-Invest, I want to mention the experience of the company, the competent submission of information on innovations in the legislation. The ability to always find a solution or clarify something that is often incomprehensible. We, together with the Audit-Invest, have built an accounting system at the agricultural enterprise, taking into account the specifics of the work and software, relying on Ukrainian legislation and methodological recommendations of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine. Thank you for your cooperation with us.

I recommend a professional and strong team of specialists of Audit-Invest!

Nataliia Nikonova, chief accountant of UBILEINII

Since the beginning of cooperation with Audit-Invest, accounting has ceased to be for us a sword of Damocles and the punishment of the Lord. We highly appreciate the level of competence of employees. For 4 years of work, we did not have to personally solve problems with the tax and accounting departments of counterparties, all our problems were solved by experts of Audit-Invest. The strengths of Audit-Invest are:

a) Well-organized specialization of personnel, which allows to react quickly to changes in tax legislation. In addition to the accountant assigned to us, the staff of the enterprise has a salary department, a lawyer, experienced auditors, quickly and comfortably “resolving” any problem.

b) Cost of services: the whole department at the price of the chief accountant with an assistant. Transparent price list. Discounts!

c) Organization of regular content seminars – for customers free of charge.

Now I can focus on business, not thinking about accounting.

A regular accountant? No, in our opinion, the individual accountant of a separate enterprise does not have the knowledge and horizon of an entire audit firm!

Vladimir Gubenko, director of BLITZ-TRZNSIT


In the conditions of daily changes in the legislation it is necessary to be able to react quickly to them. And from the current accounting work, I, as chief accountant, no one frees. The company we have young and additional accountants we can not take. Therefore, it is very important for me to spend as little time as possible on searching for the necessary and new information. To do this, I have an “Audit-Invest”! The company “Audit-Invest” employs a large staff in various areas of accounting. Therefore, I immediately get answers to my questions, which saves my time in searching for information on my own. If necessary, the answers are stated in writing with reference to normative documents. Another useful service is monthly seminars, which are provided free of charge to the clients of the company. I did not miss any seminar! We also applied to Audit-Invest for the annual audit. Based on the results of the audit, a report was received from them on the results of the audit with recommendations on accounting.

I recommend to cooperate with Audit-Invest, since there are practicing accountants who have experience working with different tax and other government structures, which allows them to give practical advice in this or that situation.

Svetlana Marchenkova, chief accountant of Rulonnie gazony

We cooperate with Audit-Invest since 2012. During this time, we can only note the positive from the service. Competetnnost, efficiency, qualification, attention to the client – your strong qualities. So hold!

Orest Onysko, director of BOHMANS-KIEV-UKRAINE

We work with Audit-Invest for more than 2 years.
The main qualities of this company are reliability, professionalism and correctness. Strengths – timely fulfillment of contractual obligations, competent and timely interpretation of all changes to the current legislation.
For the period 2013 – 2015 together with Audit-Invest, we successfully passed more than 10 tax audits, successfully prepared competent refutations to the Tax Acts and obtained the cancellation of all NURs at the Regional Tax stage. We won all the courts during this period. To each court we were preparing together, we built a line of defense, so the victory was the natural ending of our teamwork.
The professional level of the staff is very high. To all questions arising in the economic activity of the enterprise, we obtain competent conclusions of the auditors. A very important point in our joint work is the correctness and intelligence of all auditors who come to us for verification. As a rule, our accountants are very busy, but the checks take place without an extra emotional load for them.
During work with Audit-Invest, we can conclude that the main slogan of this company: “Customer’s interests first!”
It is useful for all companies to contact Audit-Invest for audit support in order to protect their business from monetary losses when inspecting STIs and law enforcement agencies.
I recommend audit firm Audit-Invest!

Svetlana Bukhantseva, chief accountant of Danieli Heavy Machineri Engeneering


MELIOR TRAVEL AND AVIA cooperates with Audit-Invest from 2013 to this day. During this time, a lot of consultations were received, which help in working matters and always keep us informed of developments and changes in the legislation. The level of service is high, the competence of the staff is appropriate. There is always an exhaustive answer to the various questions that arise. Each head of a modern company, in order to keep abreast of any innovations in the Legislation, or other issues arising in the work process, has the opportunity to cooperate with a company such as Audit-Invest. For our part, we recommended this company to our acquaintances who have already concluded an agreement with Audit-Invest and are satisfied with the cooperation. We are grateful to Audit-Invest for fruitful cooperation.

Liudmila Tsimbaliuk, chief accountant of MELIOR TRAVEL AND AVIA

In the company Audit-Invest Company you will be greeted with a smile and a great desire to help. In person or by phone, you will always feel an interest in your question and get the maximum amount of information you are interested in in an accessible format and with reference to legislative documents. Every leader of a modern company in a period of constantly changing legislation and an unstable economy must timely and clearly understand which measures must be taken to develop the company. And experts Audit-Invest are always ready to help, in full answering all our questions within the limits of their competence. Cooperating since 2002, we are confident in the correctness of the decisions made in the field of accounting and taxation.

Employees of the Audit-Invest company – highly qualified specialists in their field: ask a question and you will be sent to a specialist on your question. Your accountant is undoubtedly a professional, but the flow of information that he must remember and at the same time track his changes simply does not allow all to cover and qualitatively approach the solution of an unforeseen situation. Even having 3-4 independent accountants in the staff, we have encountered work with inconsistencies in actions and opinions. And after asking the auditor a question, they received an exhaustive answer, which allowed us to be ahead.

We are sure that if we change the legislation, separate articles of laws or even change accounts for paying taxes, we will not lose the slightest information, as we are accompanied by Audit-Invest.

Vasilenko Yurii, director of EuroInvest

I am grateful to the experts of Audit-Invest for the qualified help and for the fact that they are always reliable! Strengths of Audit-Invest: well-established work of the team, efficiency, responsibility for the information provided, high professionalism. Confidentiality! For us it is very important, you can entrust your data.

During the period of cooperation you helped us to adjust the work of the accounting service, developed its structure and functionality. This greatly facilitates the accounting. And you have saved us from the need for regular monitoring of news and changes in legislation, we receive full information in the Audit-Invest!

Tatiana Valentinovna Maraduda, chief accountant of Prizma Ukraine

We have our own accountants in the state, for them Audit-Invest’s specialists are reliable assistant experts who can always rely on knowledge. How can I evaluate the work of an audit firm? My main criterion: if my employees do not attract me to solving their professional problems, then Audit-Invest works well!
There was a moment in our cooperation when the work for some reason began to be performed not quite on time. Perhaps at this time in Audit-Invest there were some personnel changes, and the company simply did not have enough staff. I turned directly to Olga Yelchenko, and all questions were promptly resolved. Our cooperation continues at the present time.
Audit-Invest’s specialists are always ready to help, fully answer all our questions within their competence. If you summarize my review – I’m happy with everything, I have no problems with accounting!

Nataliia Lisnyak, director of Shtrasse 2006, Proximus

Our company has been cooperating with the firm Audit-Invest for more than two years. During this time, I never had the thought that we chose the wrong office. Speed, attentiveness, high competence and incredible responsiveness of employees are the strongest aspects of the Audit-Invest.
More than once they helped us out in the most seemingly difficult situations. The most relevant information in the field of accounting and tax legislation, this is also here.
In financial terms, it was much more profitable to cooperate with Audit-Invest than to maintain one’s own accountant and tax consultant, especially such high qualification.
In general, my best recommendations to the Audit-Invest, because they can be trusted as yourself, and be calm for their business!

Vitalii Manchuk, director of «Delcam Ukraine»


I work with the Audit -Invest Company for more than 3 years. I want to express my gratitude to the employees of the company for their professional approach and efficiency in resolving the emerging issues in accounting and tax accounting. A lot of help is provided by monthly seminars, on which topical issues are discussed.
I recommend that the chief accountants cooperate with the company Audit-Invest.

Elena Ponomarenko, chief accountant of DAfmi

I work with the company Audit -Invest for more than 3 years. I want to express my gratitude to the employees of the company for their professional approach. A lot of help is provided by monthly seminars, on which topical issues are discussed.I recommend that the chief accountants cooperate with the company Audit-Invest.

Lidiia Kosinskaya, chief accountant of AIRFORCE

Our company has been working with Audit-Invest for more than three years. Having started under the dramatic circumstances of an emergency audit and the full restoration of accounting, our cooperation has grown beyond the scope of outsourcing. Employees of Audit-Invest became good advisers and guides for us in the difficult conditions of modern accounting. Their high professionalism, efficiency and benevolence as much as possible smooth out the bumps of domestic lawmaking. Everyone who wants to lift a heavy bookkeeping account from his shoulders and focus on his business, we can safely recommend Audit-Invest.

Oksana Gubenko, BLITZ-TRANSIT

Thank you very much for your cooperation! Let all the plans you have conceived always take place and bring you great income and moral satisfaction, and customers will be happy to be served only in your company!

Tatiana Trusova, M3Cargo Company

I’m not tired of saying THANK YOUR FRIENDLY TEAM! You really help very much to make the right decision and get out of the water, either to find an answer to a question that you can not find, or to make sure that you were right. In general, unravel all the tangles that “our legislators” throw us every day. You can even consult and discuss with experienced girlfriends – accountants every day, count on your knowledge, experience and intuition, but there must be someone who can help you! Sometimes it’s not easy to find people you can trust, especially when you do not have enough time for the decision, and the answer does not lie on the surface. I’m very glad that you have! And once again many thanks for your work!

Elena Serdiuk, UMK

Working with the Audit-Invest Company always leaves a positive impression. It seems to me that this is because the company’s management lights up the optimism of its employees, and this, of course, is a strong point of Audit-Invest along with high professionalism.

Separately, we should note the high level of customer service, the comfort of communication, the willingness to help always and in everything!

Of course, Audit-Invest is a reliable partner, and I am pleased to recommend this company to all who need quality audit and accounting services.

Pavel Bulava, director of AEROPLAN

We have been working since October 2010. Did I have a desire to change the accounting service provider for this time? Yes, there was. The dispute concerned the cost of these services. But the dispute was resolved in a businesslike way, and respect for the company and personally for Olga Yelchenko as a partner, increased. The ability to resolve any disputed situation is one of the moments for which I value our relationship. During the cooperation, we passed five scheduled counter checks for VAT and two unscheduled inspections. Unplanned inspections were caused by the fact that we refused to file documents that we had been required to illegally. We did not have to pay fines. The competence of the company’s employees helped me not to pay extra money to the budget without violating the law. When someone worries about my money, it’s nice. I am very pleased with the work with this company, I recommend as a partner and already, however, I did it.

Oleg Kolesnik, director of PE TEPLOPLASTIK