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Accountancy with duties division
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Accountancy with duties division

Functions of Audit-Invest specialists:
  • review of correctness of primary documents entering accounting program 1C;
  • Pay-roll and and salary advance preparation;
  • teller operations, operations of payment to persons accountable;
  • control over debt by state of the issues available delivery time of hard cash, maintenance of cash limit;
  • Bank statements interleaf in accounting programe 1C;
  • inventory items charge-off, commissioning of property assets in concurrence with the client;
  • entry of tax invoices, VAT register formation;
  • control of the "first event" of VAT (analytic records on financial accounts of VAT);
  • assessment of tax on income, VAT;
  • control over completeness of other taxes and outturns;
  • tax planning;
  • drawing up reports for external users, submission of the report to specified addresses (State Tax Inspection, funds, statistical offices etc.);
  • preparation of information on personal record-keeping concerning client’s employees for pension fund;
  • support of company during supervisory agencies’ inspections;
  • consultative support concerning current issues of financial and tax accounting.
Functions of the client:
  • entry of primary documents confirming incomes and expenditures of the company into accounting program 1C (goods delivery and receipts notes, acts of rendered services, advance reports etc.);
  • enter of primary documents finished-product output (material flow to warehouses, material released for implementation charge off, calculation etc.)
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Workers of accounting department of the client and Audit-Invest LLC audit company specialists each perform their set of accounting functions on their workplaces, and the result is displayed in unified accounting basis 1C via synchronization of information.

The client gets high-qualified assistance and all-round experience of Audit-Invest LLC audit company, saves time on dealing with supervisory agencies concerning report submission, monitoring counter inspections and other inspections
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