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Accounting services in Ukraine. Quickbooks bookkeeping services in Kiev and Dnepr | Audit-Invest
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Audit Chamber of Ukraine quality control passed successfully
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We love what we do. We value those with whom we work
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Can anything be more interesting than accountancy?
A team of professionals
Matches criteria for compulsory audit conduction

Bookkeeping services in Ukraine

Performance of all accountant and accounting department functions: from drawing up primary documents on-line to preparation andsubmission of full package of financial and tax statements
The client forms primary documents.
audit company performs regulatory functions: review, drawing up reports, support of the company during inspections of supervisory agencies, consultations
Full-service payroll, from simple calculation to support inspections by authorities. Provide the service personnel document additionally
The documentation package FTP preparation is performed by our company fully or partly.

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customers with us cooperate more than 10 years

monthly save CEO due to outsourcing

Why Audit-Invest?
Professional problem solving
  • taxation of import and export transactions of services delivery/reception
  • application of international treaties concerning avoidance of double taxation
  • tax credit allocation in tax and non-tax transactions
  • working with state budget funds
Acts without findings during supervisory agencies’ inspections
  • State Fiscal Service, Department of Labour and Social Protection of the population,
  • Pension fund and other social funds
Positive decisions on appeals to inspection reports
  • objection of tax audit report at the level of State Tax Inspection – withdrawal of act;
  • administrative appeal at region level – cancellation of tax assessment notice in full;;
  • judicial review of the courts of first instance and appeal – cancellation in full;
Complex payroll preparation
  • preparation of primary HR documents, HR record keeping, payroll accounting for more
    than 1300 employees
  • obtaining of work permit for employment of non-residents, preparation and submission of reports on time
Practical experience in support of companies with various types of activity
  • on-line business, advertising activities, freight forwarding, agriculture, wholesale of B2B and B2C products, medical purpose products, agricultural machinery etc.

15-20% below the cost of our services staff accountant salary


we don't make mistakes, you never pay penalties


professional responsibiliity is insured for 1000000 UAH

we provide a personal specialist, who leads your company

certified professionals, more than 20 years of experience, dual control system

Complex approach

accountants, certified auditors, lawyers work with your company


92,6% of chief accountants - women. Our specialist does not go on vacation, sick, etc.

Free time

You can delete accounts from the list of your tasks - now everything is saved by AF "Audit-Invest"

  • Clear profit: in-office accountant or Audit-Invest
    Think it is more profitable to hire an accountant than use audit company services?
  • cost of accounting services is equal to expenditures connected with having an in-office accountant or less (the cost of service is always discussed individually))
  • Audit-Invest never goes on vacation, on sick-leave, or on maternity leave (92,6% of chief accountants are women)
  • certified specialists, more than 20 years of work experience in various spheres, system of double control, systematic personnel development
Individual approach
  • a separate specialist responsible for your company
Protection of Your interests
  • no fines and trouble-free submission of reports to government agencies, successful objection of reports on inspections
  • We don’t make mistakes in our work. Our professional liability is insured by Insurance Company "ASKA" for 1 000 000 UAH (Insurance contract of professional liability of the auditor № 3340670 from 13.02.2015)
  • Type
  • In-office accountant
  • Audit-Invest
  • Monthly expenditures
  • Average salary: from 5000 UAH
    Taxes and social contributions: from 1 850 UAH
    Office rental (per 1 place): 500 UAH
  • from 2 000 UAH
  • Compare
  • From 7 350 UAH
  • From 2 000 UAH
  • One-time expenditures
  • Licensed software: 3000 UAH
    Software update: 580 UAH
    Workplace (PC and other): 6000 UAH
  • Licensed software: 3000 UAH
    Software update: 580 UAH
  • Compare
  • From 9 580 UAH
  • From 3 580 UAH
  • Expenditures on advanced professional training
  • Quarterly seminars: from 500 UAH
    Professional literature: from 100 UAH
  • Internal system of advanced professional training in place
  • Compare
  • From 600 UAH
  • 0 UAH
  • Probability of mistakes
  • Depends on qualification
  • None!
    System of double control is in place
  • Principle of payment for service
  • Fixed remuneration
  • Less volume of work – less payment
  • What to start with? Call Audit-Invest! Our consultant will answer your questions, also we are ready to discuss individual terms of cooperation and appoint a meeting.

    We are distinguished by beneficial price policy, that is why we offer to learn services fee right now!

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Performance of all accountant and accounting department functions: from drawing up primary documents on-line to preparation and submission of full package of financial and tax statements
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