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Audit Chamber of Ukraine quality control passed successfully
Is competence expensive? Incompetence costs much more
Not the one who knows much is wise but the one who knows the necessary
We love what we do. We value those with whom we work
Less movements, more efficiency
The reason of the mistake is not knowing the best
Time to act. When else if not now?
– Know how to do it? Then do it! – Don’t know how? You are always welcome!
We help to be successful
A pessimist sees hindrances, an optimist sees opportunities
Don’t be afraid of developing slowly, be afraid of staying on the same place
Can anything be more interesting than accountancy?
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Matches criteria for compulsory audit conduction

About Company

Feedback from our customers
Vladimir Pshenyak, chief accountant of the company PLATO-PLUS, Ltd.
E. Hilenko, director of Parallel-M Ltd.

The staff of the company Parallel-M, Ltd. would like to thank to the staff of Audit Company "Audit-Invest", in particular, to the director of Kyiv Branch Yevheniia Abrosymova, for professional help in solving the operational issues, which related to the specifics of our company, for a partnership approach to cooperation.

Gennadiy Solodovnikov, director of YATRAN LTD.

Joint cooperation with Audit-Invest, Ltd. for over 10 years gives me the moral and legal basis as an honest and reliable partner.

Accounting outsourcing showed high professional quality and responsible of employees in the perfomance of their duties, which is confirmed by the absence of comments and the penalties by the inspecting and supervising bodies.

Angela Shevchenko, director of Shevchenko&Co Ltd.

Thank audit company for faultless service. At starting a business was made a decision to transfer accounting on outsoursing. We didn't have time for search accountant, for the equipment of the workplace, for the workflow control...

Zhanna Kruglyak, head of financial department of TOI Group Company

In this year our company had the opportunity to seek professional advice from experts of audit company "Audit-Invest". We wish to note, among the company's employees a lot of highly qualified specialist in the field audit and accounting, reliable lawyers. All the friendly team communicates with clients "on the same wave", accompanies and helps to solve complex issues.

Eremenko V., CEO of Wind Parks of Ukraine LLC
Irina Kynytsya, director of IACK LLC
Evgenia Shevchenko, LLC MAZ-Ukraine

Trading house MAZ UKRAINE confirms the provision of services of preparation documentation package and preparation of transfer pricing report by Audit Company AUDIT-INVEST in 2016.

When was an issue: who will prepare transfer pricing reports, we rated the best audit companies of Ukraine...

Igor Ignatov, director of LLC STROY CENTER

We are very grateful to Audit Company AUDIT-INVEST for the help in preparation transfer pricing documentation. Experts demonstrated the high level of professionalism, business activity and, the most important, personal approach to the implementation of the project. All commitments Audit Company AUDIT-INVEST has fulfilled on time and full volume.

Vitaliy Ponomarenko, PE Ponomarenko
Alexandr Prokopenko, director of LLC Absolut-Steel

Absolute-Steel, Ltd. takes the leading position on the Ukrainian market of metal industry, carries out wholesale deliveries of steel products in Ukraine and in Europe, because of this for the company in 2016 became the issue of transfer pricing.

Audit Company AUDIT-INVEST helped us to meet the requirements of the law.

Andriy Plakhotnik, director of Solvay Chemicals International

Our cooperation with AF "Audit-Invest" started in 2008, since moment of the foundation of the company "Solvay Chemicals International" in Dnipro city. Professionalism, kindness, efficiency at work, quality of the services made our work long-term. Something that we like especially is the personal approach. I don't have the feeling that I work with outsourcing firm and account isn't next to me. In AF "Audit-Invest" for our company attached some experts which always connected with me.

Sergeeva N.V., executive director of LoopMe

The biggest provider of digital services for mobile video in the world company "LoopMe" thanks to AF "Audit-Invest" for quality accounting services.

Our company covers more than one billion consumers around the world. LoopMe offices are in London, Peking, Dubai, Dnipro, Berlin, Paris, New York, San Francisko...

Artem Alexandrovich Marushak, director LLC ABO Ukraine

From the outset of planning a new business, even before the establishment of the company in crisis 2014, our european shareholders have set the task to choose a reliable partner in the accounting and auditing support of the new venture, which will help to build the right job system and warn against errors in a constantly changing legislation. We chose AF "Audit-Invest" and since then we have never regretted this decision.

Igor Vladimirovich Chernyak, LLC «ALTERNATIV SOLUTION»

In my business I try to keep up with the times. How else if you do the innovation technologies - alternative energy sources. Providing cost-effective and efficient life and job for Ukrainians, finally I’ve found a company “Audit-Invest” which took off many questions about the business. I want to thank AF "Audit-Invest" for the conscientious and professional accounting

Oleg Kalyanov, director of BÖHLER – UDDEHOLM (UKRAINЕ)

General impressions from cooperation with the firm are good and positive. Professionalism, universality, flexibility and intersubstitutability of employees. Communication is quite good. Apart from helping to find common ground with State Taxation Inspection I enjoyed the chance to improve my knowledge thanks to seminars and breakfast meets with Olga Nikolaevna. 

Mashinets Victoria, director of Machinery

We started to work with the company "Audit-Invest" in during difficult times for our company. But we have owercome it together and I hope that in the future it will only get better. I really enjoying the professional work and clear recommendation of experts in "Audit-Invest, who are covering us. They're always polite and ready to help in any situation. For me, as a non specialist in accounting, working with "Audit-Invest" is a real luck.

Juriy Protopopov, director of RIM 2000 LLC

 I have the best impressions from cooperation. We found Audit-Invest audit company on our own and chose it as an auditor and consultant for several criteria. In total, Audit-Invest audit company happened to be the strongest. Every time we make sure that we are dealing with professionals. For three years of cooperation we have worked out trustworthy relations. We get necessary services, full support, sincere benevolence.

Nina Ivanenyuk, chief accountant of Vamed LLC

My impression from company’s service can be formulated as “thoughtfulness and promptitude”. I know that I can make a call even at off-duty hours and ask a question. I will get the answer as soon as it is ready with maximal efficiency.

Mihail Pyatnitsa, director of SEW-EURODRIVE

Our company has been working with Audit-Invest since 2008. We would like to note high level of professionalism of company’s specialists, their constant professional advancement, responsible and creative approach in solving a wide range of tasks, amiability and readiness to help. Monthly seminars held by the company are always interesting and helpful in our work.

Natalya Nikonova, cief accountant of Juvileynyi meat-packing plant, LLC

Among strenghts of Audit-Invest I would like to note company’s experience, literary submission of information concerning novelties in legislation, ability to always find a solution and elucidate what is often unclear.

Vladimir Gubenko, director of BLITZ-TRANSIT Ltd

From the beginning of cooperation with Audit-Invest accounting stopped being the sword of Damocles and judgement for us. We greatly appreciate the level of audit firm employees’ competence. We never had to solve the problems with tax agencies or partners’ accountancies, all our problems have been solved by Audit-Invest audit firm.

Svetlana Marchenkova, chief accountant of RGL LLC

Under circumstances of daily changes in legislation there is a necessity to be able to quickly react on them. And as a chief accountant I am never free from accountancy duties. Our company is young and currently we cannot afford to employ extra accounting staff. That’s why it is highly important for me to spend as small time on looking for new new and useful information as possible. For this I have Audit-Invest! 

Orest Onysko, director of Bomans-KU DP

Have been working with Audit-Invest audit company since 2012. For all this time we can only speak positively of the service. Competence, promptitude, qualification, attention to the client are Your strenghts.
Keep it up!

Svetlana Buhantseva, cief accountant of DHME, LLC

We're working with AF 'Audit-Invest' over 2 years.

The main qualities of this company - reliability, professionalism and correctness. Strengths - the timely fulfillment of contractual obligations, competent and timely treatment of all changes to the current legislation.

Lyudmila Tsymbalyuk, chief accountant of MELIOR TRAVEL & AVIA LLC

Melior Travel & Avia LLC has been working with Audit-Invest LLC audit company from 2013 up to now. During this time a number of consultations has been provided, which help in business issues and keep us informed of changes in legislation. Service level is high, employees’ competence is proper. 

Yuri Vasilenko, director of «EuroInvest»

In the company "Audit-Invest" you will be welcomed with a smile and a great desire to help. In a personal meeting or by phone you always feel an interest in your subject and get the most information you need in an accessible format for you, and with reference to the legislative documents... Working together since 2002, we are confident in the correctness of the decisions made in the field of accounting and the taxation.

Tatiana Maraduda,chief accountant of

I thank specialist of "Audit-Invest" for expert help and for the fact that they are always trouble-free. Audit-Invest advantage is a well-functioning team, efficiency, resposibility, high professionalism.Confidentiality! It's very important for us. You deserve trust!

Natalia Lisnyak, director of "Straße 2006," PE "Legal Center" Proximus "

In our state has its own accountants, experts for their AF - reliable assistant experts, on the knowledge that you can always rely on. How can I evaluate the work of audit firms? My main criterion: if my colleagues do not attract me to solve their professional problems, means "Audit-Invest" works well!

Vitaliy Manchuk, director of «Delcam Ukraine»
Elena Ponomarenko, chief accountant of DAFMI LLC

Have been working with Audit-Invest for more than 3 years. I would love to express gratitude to company’s employees for their professional approach and promptitude in solving problems regarding financial and tax accounting. Monthly seminars dealing with topical problems are a great help.

I recommend chief accountants to work with Audit-Invest.


Lidia Kozinskaya, chief accountant of AIRFORCE LLC

I am sincerely glad to have such a (literally) priceless support represented by YOUR company. Your specialists’ approach to work, to my referrals are impressive, they always try to help in any situation solving professional problems.



 Our company has been working with Audit-Invest for more than three years. Having begun during quite dramatic circumstances of urgent audit and complete rehabilitation of accountancy,  our partnership has exceeded the scope of outsourcing. Audit-Invest employees have become our kind advisers and guides under difficult conditions of contemporary accountancy.



Tatyana Trusova, Company M3Cargo

Thank you very much for your cooperation! I wish you to realize all your plans, big profits, moral satisfaction and that customers served only in your company!

Elena Serdyuk, UMK PKP LLC

 Never get tired of saying THANK YOU TO YOUR FRIENDLY TEAM! You are really very helpful in making a right decision and come out dry or find the answer we could not get ourselves, or make sure one more time that you were right. In other words, to solve a tangle tossed daily by “our legislators”. 


Pavel Bulava, architect, director of “AEROPLAN” architectural workshop

Partnership with Audit-Invest company always leaves positive impressions.

It seems to me that it happens because executive management of the company strikes optimism in their employees and it definitely is a strong side of the company together with operational excellence.


Oleg Kolesnik, director of TEPLOPLASTIK LLC

 Have been working since 2010. Did I have a wish to change the supplier of audit services? Yes, I did. The dispute concerned service fee. But it was solved in a business-like manner, and respect to the company, and personally to Olga Nikolaevna as a partner, has rised.

Ability to solve any disputable situations is one of the moments for which I value our relationship.

A team of professionals of Audit-Invest
Olga Yelchenko Managing partner

Certified auditor – certificate А № 000721 from January 25, 1996 valid until January 25, 2020, entitled to conduct audit of companies and economic companies. Member of the board of Dnipropetrovsk local branch of Audit Chamber of Ukraine. АССА DipIFR (UK). Dip ICFM (UK)

+38056 745 12 88
Lyudmila Khimich Director. Head of Audit and Consulting Department

Certified auditor – certificate А № 006603 from July 02, 2009 valid until July 02, 2019. Certified accountant expert, CAP certificate. Member of Audit Chamber of Ukraine. АССА DipIFR (UK)

+38056 732 40 10
Yevheniia Abrosymova Director of Kyiv branch. Head of management accounting, business-analysis and automation department

Certified auditor – certificate № 007303 from December 24, 2015 valid until December 24, 2020. Member of Association of Tax Advisors. Member of the Union of Tax Consultants. Practical experience of management accounting and budgeting setup, investment projects and product launches evaluation, business-plans creation, automation for international companies of more than 9 years 


+38044 338 12 88
Ekaterina Vasilenko Head of accounting services department

Certified auditor – certificate А № 007036 from April 29, 2013 valid until April 29, 2018. Member of Audit Chamber of Ukraine. Practical experience of being a chief accountant of large companies of more than 15 years 


+38056 732 40 09
Julia Egorova Auditor

Certified auditor – certificate № 0007364 from July 28, 2016 valid until July 28, 2021.

+38050 362 29 36
And more than 40 qualified professionals
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af@audit-invest.com.ua, mail@audit-invest.com.ua

Audit company "Audit-Invest" provides audit services, accounting services and management consulting. There are 2 offices in Dnipro and 1 office in Kyiv.


VISION: The audit company "Audit-Invest" will be progressive national company in TOP-10 on the audit and accounting services market of Ukraine by 2020.


MISSION: We bring small and medium business on the European level.



• Strictly observe confidentiality, professional and ethical standards
• Do not allow mistakes due to a double quality control system
• We carry professional responsibility to our customers
• Provide personal approach to each company, solve the problems of each client individually
• We are committed to long-term partnership with customers
• All professionals have adequate competence and skills for bringing enterprises on the European level
• Continuously train and professionally develop our employees


In 2011 the audit company "Audit-Invest" has successfully passed the external audit of the quality system of the Audit Chamber of Ukraine. The Company is the "list of audit firms that includes all criteria for doing the statutory audit"


The Kyiv branch of the audit company "Audit-Invest" was opened in 2012.


Today the company 5 certified auditors, more than 40 qualified specialists, who are monthly attend internal training system.

Today the audit company "Audit-Invest" provides service for more than 300 companies from 11 countries.

Professional responsibility for audit clients insured SC "ASKA" for 1 000 000 UAH.

We focus on the interests and needs of customers. We always open for discussion, available and ready to help. We are the one team and together achieve our goals.